About Colectivo Felix

Colectivo Felix is a conceptual and mobile food establishment which creates intimate dining experiences inspired by Latin American food culture.


We, Sanra and Diego, created Colectivo Felix in 2008 and have been producing private dinners and ingredient driven cultural investigations since. Our kitchen is a vehicle for promoting local cultures, encouraging edible biodiversity and supporting small scale and ecological food producers.

The heart of Colectivo Felix is based in Casa Felix, our home in Buenos Aires, where we host dinner events throughout the southern hemisphere’s temperate seasons. Diego and our resident Chef Alvaro Zapata create innovative, pescatarian, Latin American inspired cuisine influenced by flavors and techniques from all over the continent. Casa Felix also shares its space with Ambientate, a non-profit environmental organization and Kensho classes. In the winter months, we take our culinary art to North America, in private homes, wine clubs, and restaurants.  

“Colectivo,” in Argentina, is an in-city transportation bus used by thousands of people on a daily basis, continuously hopping on and off.  We aim to embody the same concept: friends, family, sommeliers, farmers, chefs, and countless others we’ve met along the way who have the same ideas about sustainable food culture contribute to our ideas and events. Even patrons who attend the dinners are passengers helping make each Colectivo Felix dining experience unique and dynamic.

We invite you to take a culinary ride with us!