Private Dinners

Based out of Santa Cruz, we create spontaneous, unrepeatable dining experiences in private homes, restaurants, wineries, farms, barns…you name it! We can adapt to almost any space. Maintaining the Colectivo Felix philosophy, we prepare local and indigenous ingredients of our surroundings while using Latin American cooking techniques and recipes researched over the years wandering the continent.

From San Diego to San Francisco, this Latin American culinary caravan will go where needed.

While we have a few dinner formats ready to suggest, each dining experience is unique and can be designed to meet your needs and taste.

If you are interested in scheduling a private dinner, a catered event or are in need of personal chef services please email Sanra at

Cooking Classes

Our introductory South American cooking classes are meant to inspire and develop an appreciation of South American food culture. Diego teaches with a hands-on approach and each class consists of an interactive segment, lasting 2 ½ to 3 hours, followed by a tasting of the dishes made. Each class will be designed according to your skill level and needs, and can be arranged anywhere in the Bay Area.

To schedule a private cooking class in your home for yourself or a small group of people, please email Sanra at


Now based out of Santa Cruz, we can create a unique menu for any type of celebration or gathering according to your tastes, needs and budget in the Bay Area. Contact us here with more details about your event for a quote. Or if you have any questions or concerns please email us at


From San Diego to San Francisco we host dinner parties and events in venues, wineries, barns, breweries, wherever we can! If you are interested in attending an event or collaborating to make one happen please email us for more info.

Click here for our upcoming events in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Carmel and Los Gatos, California! 

Cooking Tours

Each summer Chef Diego Felix travels across the US creating spontaneous, unrepeatable dining experiences in private homes and venues.

Armed with Messermeister knives and the rich culinary traditions of Latin America, we prepare dinner parties with cocktails, passed appetizers and four course menu’s paired with South American wines in the comfort of people’s own homes.

Cooking Tour 2022

Due to COVID we will not be traveling this year, but hope to be back on the road in 2022!

If you are interested in booking a private dinner party in your home for 12 guests or more or would like to have us visit your city please email us at for more details.

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